Fortifications, upgrades in particular

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Fortifications, upgrades in particular

Post by Valthonis » Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:13 am

Hi. Long time no see.

I was wondering about a deceptively easy rules question.

Fortifications must deploy within your deployment zone. Fair enough, done and dusted.

However, the razorwire,barricades and tanktraps must deploy wholey within 6" of its parent structure/fortification.

Now, does this allow for them to be placed outside the deployment zone of the owning player, as long as the fortification itself is placed correctly?

Example, bastion toeing the line with some razorwire and tank traps within 6" but inside nomans land.

Reasons for thinking yes is the escape hatch upgrade, slightly different wording, but then again the wording of the razor/barricade/traps do not forbid doing the same.

Any thoughts?



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