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List help

Post by Thorgrimbloodskull » Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:50 pm

Guys, please help. Trying to figure out a decent list to run and finish the 2nd half of this challenge. So you can see what I have for my first 1k. Also a gorkamorkanaut. A metric fun ton of boys, 18 deffkoptas, 3 dakkajets, ghaz I wouldn't mind stripping and reprinting, 4 kromlech meganobz, ( I could buy more) 1 truck, like, a ton of lootas. The full contents of two brand new Stormclaw boxes. Help please! Prefer to use what wa painted already in the first half but not required. Thanks guys!!! Not a Waac list but at least a robust and tough one

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Re: List help

Post by laserplane » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:46 pm

So your 1k list looks like mainly boyz and burnas

What I would do is either decide whether you prefer a green tide or list full of vehicles.

If you want a green tide I would just add more boyz, each with a pk/bosspole nob as the only upgrade and then as many deffkoptas as you can to open up vehicles. I would take two CADs to fit in as many painboyz as possible for each boyz squad. 30 boyz with a pk boss pole nob and a pain boy are dead killy and really hard to wipe out, especially if they are in cover. Also mek gunz are amazing for the price. I have a hard time not auto-including them in every list. the burnas could either hold your backfield or be put in a suicide trukk.

If you want something faster, I would take the boyz (a couple squads of 19 with a warboss or 20 including pk nob. Although painboyz are great in here too) and the burnas and the meganobz and put them in battlewagons with boarding planks. Deffkoptas are also great with this list. I would take 2 battlewagons minimum, I usually avoid trukks unless its a suicide unit or something really tough that just needs to get somewhere as fast as possible with no concern for the vehicle surviving (example: lucky stick pk warboss with a bunch of basic nobs as bodyguards)

This is just what I would do of course. You git. :mrgreen:
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