Kevin gets a push

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Re: Kevin gets a push

Post by Inquisitor Valeria » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:29 am

Ooof that's a lot of flyers. Nicely done.
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Kevin McGill
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Re: Kevin gets a push

Post by Kevin McGill » Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:53 am

So at the end of the tourny I went 2 for 2
It was such a good time
my strategy was sound put some feet on the ground on turn one go to ground and get on the vox to call in the air support :)

Game one Eldar Wave serpants and Seerer bikers and all that Jazz
absolutely great game very tactical
evry move had to have the right counter move or it was game over for either side
I had to pour like 3 rounds of shooting with the vulture and other units to get rid of the Pharseer and his jet bike buddies
I think he made like 40 look out sir saves
I pulled out a win on this game

Game two Deamon flying circus
pre game watched my opponent roll pretty much all the perfect powers he could want I had a bad feeling about this one.
I went second and managed to survive long enough for the air support to come in
luckily I left like 3 squads in reserve to cause I think I had like 3 models on the ground
Pure win moment was when Fateweaver shot up a valkyrie in the rear with 10 vets inside and he had already cursed me too.
So needed to make 3 jink saves and boom rolled 3 6s huge cheer by me then he says you have to re roll those :(
And boom rolled 3 6s again
Saved the plane save the squad and those boys went on the win the game
this was one of the best games I have ever played
Game 3 Dark Eldar /Eldar
Big ass Beast pack with Baron and Pharseer
Mission was kill points
Super good player racked up the points on me and then played hide and seek with the rest of his army
I couldn't fish them all out and lost by like 3 kill points but again a great great game
Game 4 played Imperial fist
my opponent castled up behind a defense went to ground hid the whole game which a very good strategy Mission was big guns never tire and I had the game in the bag but was so tired at this point I got totally confused and couldn't even remember if I went first or second in this game
My opponent did a great job of convincing me he had one more turn and made some moves to jump on objectives and pull out the win.
It was only the next morning I woke up and went "ahh you jerk I went second!!"
the game should have ended as I thought and I should have one.
In the end I didn't care I had so much fun at Foodhammer and we raised a ton of money for the local food bank
If I could only play 40k once a year it would be at this tournament
If you live in the north west and want to play great players in a tournament run by great guys
Go to FoodHammer 2014!!


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