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kickstarter of gaming

Post by paranoia » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:58 pm

I'm pretty bad at scouring kickstarter and indygogo for the early bird specials on gaming items, so i thought i'd throw a thread up where people could put a link with the final pledge date. I wish there was just a follow button.

First up. Maki Mini's terrain combo set. ... f=category


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Re: kickstarter of gaming

Post by Adan » Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:01 pm

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Kickstarters of Gaming

Post by Sonic Rob » Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:11 pm

Sorry if this was already posted elsewheres, but Privateer is doing a Kickstarter for a turn-based Warmachine video game. It's already funded, and even if it weren't PP could probably pay their own way, but you might find it fun and worthwhile to get in on the pre-game hype with a back. There are plenty of rewards to nab and stretch goals still to be reached.


The game itself looks to be a turn-based tactics game with both single- and multiplayer, much like the modern XCOM game. Interesting features include cross-squad synergies, asynchronous multiplayer (i.e. like in Words With Friends, you can send a move to your opponent and then wait for them to send a move back), and progression for squads and characters so that they grow stronger and more unique as they gain experience.

As for rewards, there are the usual array of forum badges, soundtracks, beta access, digital art books and of course the game itself. You can also get physical WarMachine miniatures of the characters from the video game, and those will only be available during the kickstarter campaign.

Downsides? The biggest one is the developer, WhiteMoon Dreams. The have some experienced directors, but very little in the way of an actual track record. And their name is pretty terrible. The game itself is already in some sort of early playable alpha state, but as we've seen with Kickstarter before, a video game project can run out of money and scope very quickly, getting trimmed down brutally from what was promised in the initial pitch. Your mileage will vary greatly.

Note also that Warmachine Tactics isn't being scheduled to release until August of 2014, probably at the earliest. It's somewhere between likely and inevitable that this date will slip.
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