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Re: pez5767 - Chaos Demons

Post by pez5767 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:29 pm

alaskanfrog wrote:Watching the progression was neat, but i literaly dropped my jaw and said "wow" outloud, unitentionaly

I seriously like the color scheme. The way you used the reds to contract the blue is phenomonal. You put it in all the right places, this model has increadible color balance. The gold and red draw your eyes around the model, making you see all the important aspects. I am seriously impressed.
Thank you VERY much. :oops: The use and balance of warm and cool colors is something I've really tried to focus on the past year. I'm glad those elements stuck out to you. I'm not sure where this Daemon project will take me next, but I look foward to the winds of chaos blowing inspiration my way!


WIP: (Whatever I'm up to:)

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Re: pez5767 - Chaos Demons

Post by alaskanfrog » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:46 am

Your efforts paid off. These models are a great example of the importance of a painter understanding color balance, and what works with what.

Even a mediocre painter (which you are not :) ) can benifit from this knowledge, as picking the right paints to put on a model is just as important as the ability to pit them on it.
I fink we should just SMASH dah' lot 'o 'em! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!


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