Hobby Progress Challenge Rules and FAQ

Rules, Information, and participant threads for the 2012 Hobby Progress Challenge. This Forum is now locked as the 2013 challenge has started.
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Hobby Progress Challenge Rules and FAQ

Postby cvtuttle » Sun May 29, 2011 7:24 pm

Rules of the Independent Character's Hobby Progress Challenge: The War on Bare Plastic!!
The goal of the challenge is to end up having a fully painted 1850 Point Tournament force, with an additional 400 point "Side Board" for use with Warhammer 40k.

Phase One
Spend June thinking about what army you want to see done (perhaps in time for Adepticon) with the immediate goal of posting an initial 1850 Point list for Warhammer 40k with an additional 400+ points of units. You will need to post this initial list in your own thread in the Hobby Progress Challenge Sub-Forum before July 1, 2011.

A note about The Side Board
You have 400 points of "Sideboard". This is 400 points of models that are designed to act as units that you can "swap" for variety with your 1850 list when its completed, or that can be used to increase your force to a 2000 pt or 2250 pt size, which are also common sizes for many local events.

These units need NOT fit into the overall army to make it a legitimate 2250 list. So for example, if you wanted to paint HQs or just Heavies for your sideboard, you are welcome to do so. The idea is that this extra 400 points allows you a bit of flexibility with your army as well as allowing you some room for changing your mind on how to make your list.

Please note that your 1850 list MUST be a viable and fieldable Warhammer 40k Army.

Phase Two
Once you have your list posted you should now be giving some thought to how you intend to break down your project over the next 10 months. Remember that the goal is to have your list completed by March 31,2012.

To make this easier to do we have included a Hobby Challenge Progress Planner file, which can be used to help you make an initial plan for the work you will undertake for the 10 months of the challenge. The file is not required to be used, Zach made this great tool to help out!

The great thing about this plan is that it allows you to set your own monthly goals. You can choose to assemble all models in one month, base everything in another month, paint specific units in each given month, etc. You decide how you want to paint your army, you just have a timeline in which to do it!

Once you have laid out your initial plan for how you intend to complete your army, You must do the following:

  • Create a thread in the Hobby Progress Challenge sub-forum with a title in the following format: Name - Army (example: Carl - Ultramarines)
  • Post your plan in your OWN created thread in the Hobby Progress Challenge sub-forum. This is where all of your updates will go.

Don't worry too much, you will be able to reassess, revise (and resubmit) your goals every month as you gauge your progress, as your list evolves, as set backs arise or if you get further in a month than you original planned. Of course, if you keep on schedule, no such amends will be necessary.

Geoff, Zach and Carl will each provide examples from our own plans on how we hope to complete the challenge, to give you some ideas of how to go about this undertaking.

You can update this planner as the year goals along. There are three things you will be required to do each month.

  • You will post your current monthly goal each month in your own forum thread.
  • You must take a "before" picture of your monthly goal before your committed task. (It could be assembly, painting, basing, whatever you have committed to that month)
  • You must take an "after" picture of your monthly goal when completed.

Authorized Army List Revisions
Not every player can stick to the exact list they set out ten months prior, so there will be (3) allowed list revisions throughout the hobby challenge (October, January, and March). Any units that are completed up to this point will need to remain in your list, but whatever is not done can be swapped out for other unpainted models.

If you are someone who is prone to making list changes, we suggest you start out working on what units you KNOW will feature in your final list (maybe that's Ghazgkhull for you!) so that your initial progress on models does not go to waste.

  • If you change your list do NOT edit your original list! Make another post in your thread with your new plan.

Phase Three: Prizes!
We at the Independent Characters believe in rewards and incentives. With that in mind, we've got a load of different contests in mind, including periodic (perhaps even monthly awards) to participants, a great prize contest for those who complete, and a 'participants' prize drawing for those players who fall short of their final goals.

For every month that the Hobby Challenge is met, the Challenger will receive one entry into the drawing for the Grand Prize - for a total of 9 entries. (Prize still yet to be determined) If the challenger falls short, each month they completed their goals will enter them in the "Participants" Prize Drawing, so that you still have a chance to win something for all your hard work.

If you have met the goal of the Hobby Challenge on March 31, 2012 - you are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing (Prize still to be determined - but it will be a good one!). Even if you miss a goal from month to month, if at the end of the period you have completed the 1850 Point list AND the 400 Point sidebar, you are eligible for the grand prize (you just have fewer entries into the drawing if you miss a month).

After the Grand Prize is drawn, we will have a drawing for the Participants Prize (Prize yet to be determined!). For every month of your commitments that you have met, even if you haven't finished your 1850 point list plus 400 point "sideboard", you qualify for one entry into the drawing for the participants prize. So if you only met six of your months goals, you would have six entries into the Participants Prize. If you finished your full 2250 points but didn't win the Grand Prize, you are still eligible to win the Participants Prize!

The drawing for The Grand Prize and Participants Prize will be done on April 1st, 2012, live from Adepticon.

We are far from perfect - so people are likely to have some questions or we may have overlooked something. If you have questions please post them in their own thread and we will answer them here. This thread is locked to keep it clean.

Q: What if I complete my whole army ahead of schedule?
A: There is no penalty for completing your army early! If you do, you qualify for all entries into the Grand Prize and Participants Prize drawings.

Q: I have already started painting an army and I am about halfway done. Can I just build on that for my entry into The Hobby Progress Challenge?
A: The purpose of the challenge is to all work together to drive each other to meet our goals from beginning to end. However, we also understand that not everyone wants to run out and buy a brand new army right now. So we have compromised on this a little bit. We WILL allow you to fill your 400 point sideboard with already painted forces if you have already started on an army. However, no more than 400 points will be accepted! This will count towards your qualification for the Grand Prize drawing.

Q: Do my models have to be new or unassembled before starting?
A: Absolutely not! If you have bought models from Ebay and want to strip them before starting or have models that are already assembled but not painted that is fine for entry. They can even already have a coat of primer on them!

Q: Can my sideboard be MORE than 400 points?
A: Yes of course it can! However, as mentioned above in the rules. If you are trying to submit already painted models towards your overall goal of 2250, you can ONLY include 400 points of prepainted models in your sideboard.

Q: Can I start painting/modelling/assembling in June?
A: You sure can! Though your first commitment isn't due until July 31st. So you can just make a bigger commitment if you would like to carry you through the first two months.

Q: Can my sideboard consist of additional models for existing units in my list, even if those additional models don't form legal units on their own?
A: Absolutely. As long as when you add them into your list you come out with 2250 of models you are good to go! Again, the 2250 need not necessarily be a legal list, (though it would be ideal if it were!) but the 1850 must be a legal and fieldable army.

Q: When do I have to put up my commitment for the month?
A: You MUST put up your commitment for the coming month prior to the 1st of the month. Likewise, the completion of your commitment must be BEFORE the 1st of the following month. (So the last day of the month)
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Re: Hobby Progress Challenge Rules and FAQ

Postby cvtuttle » Sun May 29, 2011 7:25 pm

If you are seeing this response it is because I haven't uploaded the files Zach created for breaking down how you intend to organize your committment. I will get them uploaded by 05/30!
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Re: Hobby Progress Challenge Rules and FAQ

Postby Strahd » Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:11 pm

Q: Does the sideboard have to be new units, or can it just be models to add to the existing units in your army?
A: The sideboard doesn't even need to be full units. It can be additional models for units you have in your base list, as long as it brings the final total to 2250 you are golden!
(yes this was in the base FAQ)

Can we use Forgeworld stuff?
A: Yes you can.

I have a unit of terminators already painted, can I use them as my sideboard?
A: Yes.

Q: What about if a new codex comes out for my army?
A: If a new book comes out we would make allowances for it. Don't worry we are flexible.

Q: Is there a 400 point limit on the Sideboard?
A: No, the minimum is 400 points.

Q: Can I use an Imperial Armor list?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Can you enter more than once?
A: No.

Q: What should we do if we cant afford to get the models until after the first month?
A: Get your list in and do everything you can before you get the models. Basically, you are missing the participation entry for the first month, and shortening your time. Remember, the main goal is to complete 1850 by end of March. Good luck.

Q: Does the army need to be mostly GW miniatures or can it include complete scratch built models?
A: It can be mostly scratch built models. Just try to make them look awesome. :)

Q: Is a model with a single layer basecoat still valid to enter or will it have to go into the sideboard?
A: The single basecoat "depends" if you are doing a basecoat and a wash, and that is all, I would say it can only go in the sidebar. If it is the first basecoat of 3 layers, yes, it is valid.

Q: Also; what if we want to include Apocalypse type units, are they allowed into the 1850 list?
A: Yes, you can use Imperial Armor lists, but you can't take Apoc formations to fill in points for a smaller model count.

Q: How do you guys feel about using this challenge to "repaint" an army? I don't mean touch ups, but a complete overhaul rebasing and all?
A: Yes, stripping and/or repainting models is acceptable, we just need before and after photos.

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Re: Hobby Progress Challenge Rules and FAQ

Postby cvtuttle » Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:35 pm

You can now get the fabled Hobby Progress Help file here.

This is NOT required but might help you in breaking up your plan to paint you army!

http://www.theindependentcharacters.com ... gn_Log.pdf

Zach put this together for people to use if they needed.
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