Help me build a Tau Army/list

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Help me build a Tau Army/list

Post by folix » Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:02 am

I am looking for some direction on how to build a list and or army of Tau. So far I have these models, feel free to add whatever units you like, forgeworld included to round it out.

Troops: 2 Fire Warrior squads

Elites: 6 stealth suits
1 Ghostkeel
4 Crisis suits

Heavy: 4 Broadsides
3 Rip tides

Transport: 1 devil fish

HQ;s: Etheral, Far sight

Thats all I got so far and im looking for some input as to a direction to go. I really would like a highly mobile front, I love having aggressive elements to an army that put pressure on the front. But I also do love long range artillery and fire power. Which prob explains why the Tau kinda appeal to me. I would like a good to great list that doesnt involve a too much cheese that would cause nerd rage in my opponent and trying to keep everything semi-fluffy would be awesome as well.

Basically something thats fun and interactive to play, without causing my competition a heart attack at seeing the list.

I also really really really want a storm surge as well.


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