I underestimated the Covens

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I underestimated the Covens

Post by DestroyApathy » Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:37 am

I am not a particularly prominent poster on forums, but I have been so taken with the Haemonculous Covens Supplement - typified by a great game last night - that I felt compelled to post somewhere for people to share (As a non-regular Forum person, I also don't know about the etiquette of posting the same thing on several forums. So if you've already read this on The Dark City, then sorry. But thought some here might also be interested)

Since the release of the new Haemonculous model and those plastic Wracks along with our the new codex last year, I had my eyes on building up the gribbly section of my Dark Eldar. But being extremely busy it’s taken me a long time to properly sit down and read the Covens Supplement. I had used the formations in games a little and thought they were great, but it wasn’t until reading the stories in that book that I KNEW I had to build a full Haemonculous army. So during a visit to Warhammer World – Inspired by their AMAZING gallery exhibition - I treated myself to my third Pain Engine, and some Skaven Stormfiends, to take my total Grotesques (Only 1 actual Grotesque model the rest all conversions) up to 10.

Well my main adversary - my Dad - is a HUGE Space Marine guy, and has about 14,000 points of Iron Hands successor chapter of his own creation (Black Lightning). He was pretty giddy about seeing his new codex in action, and I was really looking forward to seeing them too. But seeing as everything he already uses has become better, cheaper and even more adept at capturing ALL the objectives, I was a little intimidated. So instead of coming up with the most ‘competitive’ army I could, I figured, forget it, I’ll run a really thematic Coven army, have fun bashing some stuff, but with no Objective Secured and not a great deal to sort out all those vehicles, I thought it would be an uphill struggle –albeit a fun game – and would be a good run out for his new Marines. Sort of like a pre-season friendly, where a team will play someone in the division below just to get them stretching.

BUT, my army TOTALLY wiped the floor with the marines. NOTHING could kill my Grotesques, Raiders or Pain Engines. I was jumping out of transports, splattering entire units (but always taking two turns, thus locked in combat in enemy turn), still being able to get back into the transports and shifting around.

Despite his 6+ FnP rolls, without exaggerating being successful on over 50% of his roles (it was almost unbelievable how many he made), I still chewed through his army, and ended up winning both the Maelstrom - Deadlock - and the Eternal War - Purge the Alien- (we always just roll on both tables and go at it)
So, it might have been a fluke, plus rustiness getting used to new toys/formations in the new SM codex, but my Dad is an extremely good player, and his army is no joke, so very happy with the way the twisted Covens performed. I’m gonna stick with this army for a bit, have LOADS of fun re-enacting the craziness of Coven raids, and maybe even win some more games. I even intend on making a note of how all my Haemonculi die, so they can suffer the derision of their peers when they commit the faux par of dying in the same way more than once (how mundane and disappointing).

The armies we used are detailed below. My main success was getting my Grotesques WELL CLEAR of all the now super-buffed Strength 10 stuff – Assault Cent (Now St10 instead of St9) and the now 6 attacks!!! on the charge St10 Iron Clad. Both would have rinsed through any Grotesques they’d simply breathe on.

Coven Army (1750) – Coterie, Grotesqueire and Scalpel Squadron
3 x 3 Grotesques (All in Raiders with Nightshields. All with Aberation with Scissor Hand. 2 of which from Grotesquerie – rolled FnP 4+)
Urien (From Grotesquerie), plus 2 x Haemonculous (both with Scissorhand)
8 x naked Wracks
Scalpel Squadron - 2 x 5 Wracks in dual-cannon Venoms. Both with Ossificators (WHICH WERE GREAT)
3 x individual Talos (All Chain Flails, 2 x Heat Lance, 1 x Splinter Cannon (couldn’t find 5pts for third Heat Lance)
1 x Parasite Engine

Marines (Iron Hands) (1750) – Gladius Strike Force - (Demi + Whirlwind one – so he received ALL three Combat Doctines (SOOO many rerolls) + Combined Arms Detachment - CAD
Chaplain + Assault Centurions in drop pod with No Scatter Forge World upgrade
Librarian with Grav Centurions in a pod
3 x Tac squads, 2 in pods
Iron Clad in Dreadnaught in Forge World Assault Drop Pod
2 x Whirlwind + Land Speeder (the formation which makes it a full Gladius)
2 x 5 man Scouts (from CAD)
Deimos Pattern Forge Wolrd Predator with Plasma thing (3 x Plasma Cannon shots that don’t get hot)
NB: Almost all units have Objective Secured

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Re: I underestimated the Covens

Post by Cieged » Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:40 am

Awesome! Personally I'm an Eldar player that jumped on board with the Covens supplement for competitive purpose, but found the book is actually no slouch on its own. I'm glad to see someone is making a focused list and running with it. Enjoy!

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Re: I underestimated the Covens

Post by Warmonger » Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:46 pm

Very cool to read, glad you have been having fun with the codex. I love the CTC formation and never leave Commoragh without it !


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Re: I underestimated the Covens

Post by Capnpetey » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:52 am

I love to throw some meat on the table! My personal favorite formation from Covens is the Datk Artisan. I usually webway portal them in to wreak havoc!


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