Of Sorcerers, Bikers, and Invulnerable Saves

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Of Sorcerers, Bikers, and Invulnerable Saves

Post by Tallassarinus » Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:46 am

Hi fellas,

I'm building a Sorcerer on a bike for my CSM list, and am considering loadouts. I have a question that might be kind of basic, but I'm having trouble working it out.

The bike gives that nice toughness boost and (I believe) gives him the ability to jink. I'm planning on running him with other bikers and my aim is to use him as a kind of Swiss army knife - picking a discipline that will be enable me to do stuff that other units in my list have trouble with (I had a great time using the Heretek discipline a while ago with a Sorcerer on foot, and was wreaking Rhinos, land speeders, and keeping a Dreadnought at bay as it didn't want to enter my threat bubble).

But I'm stuck on the question of whether to give him an invulnerable save.

Since he's not designed to charge in and go toe-to-toe with enemy characters or dedicated close combat units, and since his bike will allow him to jink, I'm thinking of just forgoing the invulns and relying on speed to outrun anything I can't outfight.

Is this a wise strategy or have I overlooked something incredibly obvious?

Thanks in advance!
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