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Traitors and Renegades.
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Iron Warriors Fan Supplement

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So I have always been a fan of the Iron warriors ever sense I read Graham McNeil's Storm of Iron. The sad history, the color scheme, the Characters, everything Hazard Stripes and all. Sadly GW has gone away from the legion armies to the warband armies for chaos space marines. So I have taken upon myself to make a supplement for the Sons of Perturabo.

Warning: I have done this mostly on Notepad so their will be misspellings and this is a WIP so any comments critiques concerns will be much appreciated.

Iron warriors supplement codex

Iron Within Iron Without!!

"Fluffy parts"

Special unit rules:

More Machine then traitors:
"Due to their unnatural affinity for machines and their willingness to amputate limbs to prevent mutation many Iron warriors replace body parts with bionics"

Models with this rule have the feel no pain (6+) special rule.

Iron Within! Iron With out!
"A monotone chant of "Iron Within, Iron Without!" is repeated during the beginning of combat operations by the Iron Warriors. Saying "Iron Within" to elicit the response "Iron Without" is sometimes used by the Iron Warriors to identify each other, especially in confused combat, such as that in tunnels or during combined operations with other Chaotic forces."

When ever a Iron warriors unit is with in 12" of another iron warriors unit they will gain stubborn.

Sons of Olympia

When ever a iron warriors unit is behind a fortification such as ruins aegis defense line fortress of redemption etc they increase it's cover save by +1.

"Iron warriors have always had a sense of paranoia and trust very little other then their own war gear."

Units with this special rule may ally with armies from the following codexes: Codex chaos space marines codex black legion codex crimson slaughter but only as Allies of convenience. This also prevents an Iron warriors army to take plague marines noise marines thousand sons and khorne berserkers as troops in its primary detachment. they have very little trust for those who sell their souls.

Enemies eternal: the hatred of the imperial fists by the Iron warriors is legendary. from the defeat of the Emperor's palace to the massacre of the Iron Cage any chance the Iron warriors can make war upon these Lap dogs of the emperor they do so with the upmost intensity.

All Iron warrior units have the special rule Hatred Imperial fists this also includes Armies that use the chapter tactics Imperial fists.

Warlord traits
-Siege breaker
The Warsmith has seen fortresses come and go. Even the greatest fortress can be defeated with the right application of force. To him war is a simple equation with only one solution.... all shall fall.

-all cover on the board is given a -1 to its cover save IE: a 4+ is now a 5+

Master of the daemon forge-
The Warsmith has grown to use the powers of the warp to his advantage. Harnessing it into his creations and making unstoppable killing machines.

The warlord gives his heavy support units it will not die and relentless special rule.

-Echoes of Istvaan V-
"the Warsmith was one of many to fire upon the loyalist forces on Istvaan V striking down his former brothers as if they were lambs to the slaughter his reputation from that day has followed him for 10,000 years."

The warlord and the unit he is attached to gain the fear special rule.

Scourge of Olympia:
"The Warsmith was there when Perturabo declared that Olympia would be put to the sword slaughtering innocent civilians men women and children alike with out mercy his orders were clear that faithful day all must die."

The warlord and his attached unit may re roll sweeping advance results.

Storm of Iron:
The Iron warriors vanguard veterans are no strangers to storming keeps and walls with their one goal to cause destruction on a massive scale to allow the rest of the legion through to victory.

deep striking units teleporting within 6" of this unit do not scatter

Iron of body, Iron of soul:the Warsmith's armor is covered in ruins of Olympia that cause his armor to heal it self. It is almost like it is a living entity.

The warlord may reroll any failed armor saves


Hammer of Perturabo-80pts
This mighty hammer was forged by the primarch of the iron warriors himself after Scouring of Olympia. It is said that some of his rage was captured in its forging causing the wielder to become an unstoppable engine of anger and Fury.

X2 str AP3
Special: Rage of the Iron Lord
Each turn the wielder of the HoP is locked in Close Combat they gain a extra attack up to a total of 6. IE first Close combat +1 attack, 2nd Close combat turn +2 attacks etc

Gauntlets of Medrengard-50pts
These gauntlets were forged in ash wastes on the daemon world of Medrengard absorbing some of its essence the Warsmith that dons these gauntlets turns into an Iron monstrosity, unstoppable and it is said un killable.

Wearer gains the eternal warrior special rule and has relentless

The Iron helm of Rage-65pts
Taken from a captain of the imperial fists and reforged into the symbol of the Iron warriors this helm has seen much death in its 10,000 years of existence.

Wearers of the Iron helm of Rage gain the Rage, crusader, Rending (close combat) special rules.

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