Imperial Fists in 8th - Dealing with Harlequins?

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Imperial Fists in 8th - Dealing with Harlequins?

Post by captjackvane » Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:02 pm

Tried out a new gamestore today in the next town over - they're running a Fate of Konor event.

Took 1500pts of Imperial Fists - new area, new players, decided to bring a fluffy-ish list - 3x Tac squads, 1 Intercessor, TH+SS Termies, Chaplain w/ jump pack, Assault Marines w/ Jump pack, rhino, razor back with twin Las, Devastators, and a Primaris Lt.

I ended up (random draw) facing 3x Ravagers, A razorwing, three shadow-whatever troop carrier vehicles, each with a squad of harlequins and a troop master, and whatever their psychic HQ is.

Not only did I get tabled by t4, but I literally only killed ONE harlequin model total. I did some minor damage - one ravager to about half, one of the shadow-venom thingies down to 1 wound, couple of wounds off the others; but dammit, that shit was embarrassing.

So my general question is - against an army with BLINDING speed and pretty much army-wide 4++, not to mention the vast amount of modifiers of my armor saves, what can a relatively static Marine army do? I'm not looking for specific list tailoring here, but can a slow and steady Marine army compete with something that gets in your face t1, doesn't give a shit about your heavy weapons, eliminates a lot of your saves (I often only got a 6+ for being in cover), and then wipes the floor with you in H2H, including backing out and recharging you?

I'd love to hear some thoughts on how Marines can deal with this...Eldar trickery!

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Re: Imperial Fists in 8th - Dealing with Harlequins?

Post by blockade23 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:20 pm

Having used Smite via several 'weaker' Thousand Sons Aspiring Champions recently (oh, and Ahriman) I can say that psychic powers such as smite or Null zone can REALLY mess up anyone's day - especially when bubbled wrapped with terminators or primaris marines - Eliminate the invulnerable saves - and if they're running Dark Eldar they won't have any psykers to try and stop you. Also, flyers or a land raider seem to help too with the movement part. They may be fast but if they still have to get into your backfield, then drop you guys behind them with deepstrike and charge in - I'm FAIRLY certain their invulnerable saves only help versus shooting, so get into close combat. Remember you can tank overwatch using a rhino to charge in, then get your normal guys to follow up.

Just my two cents.

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