Heavy and Special Weapons options

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Heavy and Special Weapons options

Post by BrokenPixel » Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:29 pm

I am having some trouble deciding what to build next. I have 6 Power Armored marines to work with until the Burning of Prospero drops.

I have these weapons ready to go:
2 Grav cannons
3 Multimeltas
6 Meltaguns

Already built:
3 Grav cannons
1 Multimelta
0 Meltaguns >6 flamers have been my go to.

It should be said that they are Salamanders, but I am rounding out my heavy/special weapons just for versatility.
I have also built up the Skyhammer Annihilation Force formation with 4 Heavy Bolters and the 3 Grav cannons. But I want to build our the rest so eventually I have everything in 4's.

I'm thinking about doing 1 Grav cannon, 3 multimeltas, and 3 Meltaguns. This finishes my set of both Grav and Multimeltas, and starts me on the meltaguns.

My other thought though is to do 5 Meltaguns for a melta squad in 30k.

How would you prioritize these?

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