Episode 154 - Shadow Wars: Armageddon

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Episode 154 - Shadow Wars: Armageddon

Post by cvtuttle » Thu May 25, 2017 1:32 pm

Episode 154 of the Independent Characters is all about Shadow Wars: Armageddon! Ok well maybe not ENTIRELY about SW:A, we have a bunch of 8th edition discussion in here as well as a couple of great interviews!

Our first interview, is with the Terrafirmer! They have a brilliant gaming table product that you are going to want to hear about and see (See show notes links below!)

We then launch into a discussion about Shadow Wars: Armageddon. A tremendous offering from Games Workshop, where the initial run of boxes and rule books sold out too fast! We go into the background the game is based on, some of its historical relation to Necromunda, and then talk about the rules and campaign system a bit.

We then launch into an interview with Matei Lungu (Or Matt as he is known!) about the Warhammer 40k scene in Bucharest, Romania. This is hopefully the first in an ongoing segment titled Warhammer 40k: Around the World, in which we talk to different people from around the world and compare similarities and differences to their gaming scene.

As a side note, Carl has been sidelined with some family issues and so we recognize some of the links didn’t make it into the show notes that should be there. We will add those in the next day or so on the Facebook page. We hope you enjoy!
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Re: Episode 154 - Shadow Wars: Armageddon

Post by Grots Life » Fri May 26, 2017 2:45 pm

If you go back to the mid 80's are read 2000 A.D. you'll find a surprising amount of ideas that have made their way into the 40K universe. When you were talking about the hive cities, I just kept thinking of Megacity One. Cue Judge Dredd and his massive shoulder pads.


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